October TBR Update: Failing and Fine With It.

It’s something I see on book blogs and BookTube: People planning out their month with what they are going to read. I’d read/watch these in awe. “I should do that,” I thought to myself with optimism I thought long dead. 

So, I did just that. My October 2018 TBR was made and posted

“This is it,” I told myself. “I’m going to be an awesome blogger with an awesome TBR post and it is going to GET DONE.”

Eleven books were on my TBR. I seemed to have ignored the fact I haven’t read more than seven books in a single month in years. Years. Also, amnesia must have hit because I seemed not to remember how big of a mood reader I am. 

It’s halfway through the month and I’ve read four of the eleven. I don’t think I’ll get through the other seven. Especially given the current four books I’m juggling are not any of the books that are left. 

I thought about beating myself up about it. Even got the boxing gloves ready and laced. However, I can’t help but notice – I’m reading more now than I have in years. Years. Blogging and reviews have encouraged and given me drive to read daily. I love it.

You know the best part of all of this, though? Through blogging and interacting on platforms like Twitter, I’ve met amazing people who share the love of books with me. It feels like I found my people. 

It’s a nice feeling.

May you get lost in a book,


8 Replies to “October TBR Update: Failing and Fine With It.”

  1. I tried that for the first time in September and failed tragically. Actually, it was one of my lowest reading months in a while, but mostly because my brain got eaten by a beading project. I think it can still be valuable, though, to think about what you want to read versus what you do read and how to close that gap.

    1. I think that is very true. I’ll probably modify it to two books on a tbr and then use my tbr jar to pick out the rest of my reading through out the month. (And beading sounds awesome.)

  2. Aw, I love this post, Chrissy! Reading should be fun for us and our outlet, and it’s good to be reminded of that once in a while. Plus, you are right- with blogging we get to connect to the most amazing people who totally understand our love for books! Happy weekend to you!

  3. Chrissy, this post calls to my soul. I’ve planned monthly TBRs so many times I’ve lost count. You’re better than me because you’ve read at least 4 books from your TBR. If I read one, I’m proud of myself. I usually don’t post about it on my blog, but I used to make instagram posts about it. In August I decided to make a tentative schedule for October and I’ve yet to read one book from that list. I’m a mood reader like you, so I get it. I love meeting the people in this community, and see how different we all are. Great post and happy weekend 😀

  4. Awww I love the ending !!

    I kinda did the same thing .. tbrs are not and never been my thing, I just wanted to have one for #blogoween ; Ive only had four on it. I finished one that took me forever and on the 2nd one, though I love it I kind of stalled there xD Two remains; one is passed due since the 18th and the last is for November.

    1. Haha. That’s okay! 🙂 As said, I don’t think I’ll get even close to finishing what I had planned. I’m now reading an ARC and a book sent by an author for review. I didn’t plan to have either of them as my reading this month but here we are.

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