Book Review: Schmuck the Buck by EXO Books

I recieved a copy of Schmuck the Buck from EXO Books for an honest review.

Genre: Multi-Holiday Book. 

Brief Summary:



Okay. Let’s be real here. Who doesn’t like funny picture books with rhymes? I mean, really? 

Larry is a Jewish reindeer who works at the North Pole. That sentence alone just caused me to sit back and rub my eyes to make sure it was correct. It’s an odd premise, at least, it was odd to me because I’m not used to thinking about it. However, while reading this book, it worked. I liked that there’s this reindeer that works for Santa who is Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah. 

The artwork is great and I liked that some of the panels made me do a double take going “Is there really…? Yes. Yes, there is.” 

Also, Santa and Mrs. Claus are black. Thumbs up, EXO Books, thumbs up.

If you’re wondering why I gave 4/5 stars is more…some of the rhymes didn’t flow right for me. -dodges tomatoes thrown- However, the book is great and I do recommend it.

(Also, I did receive this book before Halloween but it seemed a travesty to post a review before Halloween was over…Now that I type that…it seems so silly.)

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