Chapter 6: Emily Mah and Self-Publishing

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In this episode we explore self-publishing and our own perceptions. We talk with Emily Mah who also writes under E.M. Tippetts. I would like to make an apology now: I messed up a few times when doing the introduction and said Emily Tippetts. She writes under these two names: Emily Mah (sci-fi/fantasy) and E.M. Tippetts (romance/chic lit). 

Another thing: Emily Mah never claims to be an expert in self-publishing. I just think she is one because she is so knowledgeable.

Here are some links to her works under E.M. Tippetts:

First Four Books in Someone Else’s Fairytale series.

Shattered Castles

Here are some links to her works under Emily Mah:

Root: Short Story

Coyote Discovers Mars: Short Story

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