Book Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Basic Summary: Joanne Baldwin has her personal demon. Literally. She’s also able to control the weather and is running from her peers because they think she’s killing people willy nilly.

Warnings: Violence? There’s not really anything I can think of off the top of my head.



Ill Wind is the first book of the Weather Wardens series. In this series, there are people who have special abilities called Wardens. Wardens are split into three different classes: Weather, Fire, and Earth. There are some Wardens who are more than one kind. Being the first book in the series, I have a feeling there is a lot not said about the Wardens and their organization. As it were, we are given basic information such as what Wardens are able to accomplish, how they recruit, and what happens if they think a Warden isn’t capable of the job. It’s a good premise and I’m down for elemental type magic.

Though, there are not only Wardens: There are the Djinn. The Djinn act as conduits to the Wardens and have to follow a Wardens orders when they are chained to one. I don’t want to give too much away but the Djinn have a big place among this world.


The main character, Joanne, is colorful and well rounded. She’s a good person and one who isn’t chaste. I feel that, at times, main characters in urban fantasies the main female character tends to be on the chaste side and “innocent”. Joanne is a grown woman and she doesn’t hide her attraction from men she likes. She’s goofy and outgoing. I liked her character a lot. The side characters such as Lewis, David, Alice, and Rahel (among a host of others) were unique with vibrant personalities even if they had quiet personalities. Great character development as well.


The story splits between being told in the present and the past. It’s in first person and Joanne often thinks back to the past and how she becomes a Warden. It’s a straightforward plot but it’s done well. It’s action packed most of the time with appropriate pacing. It’s a good story for the first in the series. It sets up the tone for the rest of the series.


A solid urban fantasy with elemental magic. I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series.

May you get lost in a book,


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