Review Policy

The Return Cart is not currently open to reviews.

For Written Reviews:

  • Written reviews are done by Chrissy.
  • Please send requests to this email:
  • Please do not attach the book in a request email until approval has been given.
  • Genres I am more likely to accept: Sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, paranormal romance, mystery, thriller, and horror.
  • Yes, there is a chance genres outside of those will be accepted.
  • Formats I accept: Print copies, ARC and finished. ebook (ePub style), ARC and finished.
  • Will post on the blog and Goodreads.

For The Podcast

  • The Return Cart will only be mentioning books the members of the podcast like. 
  • If your book has been reviewed and well received, you can request being mentioned on the podcast. 

All reviews are of the opinions of those reviewing the book, for better or for worse. If the opinions are not favorable, there will be an explanation of why but there will not be any attacks toward the author.

Please send any questions to the email previously mentioned.